Do you find yourself quoting horror movies to friends, or starting conversations with strangers about haunted mirrors or serial killers?


...then look no further than the Nightgeist Podcast! 


We grew up together taking Ouija boards to cemeteries, hunting down ghosts at haunted locations, and discussing the latest horror movies together. Erica's quest to commune with ghosts and Liana's mission to prove that aliens exist has kept us united all these years.

Fast forward to today, where we now live on opposite ends of the state. In order to keep in touch and enjoy a drink together, we started this podcast! 

So please, grab a beverage and join us weekly as we discuss all things paranormal, strange, and murdery together!



Co-Host, editor and Social Media


Mom - Wife - Zookeeper


- Never mention Thomas the Tank Engine to her. 

- Would kill E.T. if given the chance.

- Will kick aliens if they get close. Or throw rocks. 

- Hates Oranges. 

- Loves Wine. And Rum. 

- Believes Halloween is a way of Life. 

- Lover of Ghosts and down for a seance. 



Co-Host, editor and Social Media


Cat Mom -  Wife - 80's Freak


- Terrified of the dark. 

- Scared of space, yet obsessed with going.

- Wants to be Ripley, Sarah Connor and Lara Croft.

- Fiercely obsessed with her cat, Honey.

- Loves Wine. And Tequila.

- Used to wear trench coats and combat boots.

- Is ready to meet some aliens for drinks.


Co-Host, quality assurance engineer


Demon, hater of all things, very handsome, soooo dreamy, super soft