Support Beautiful Sonoma county

We both grew up in Sonoma County, and Erica has made her life there with her family. She has been evacuated and is safe, as are 180,000 other folks from Sonoma County due to the extremely well-planned evacuation of its citizens.  Displacing this many people (and animals)  is hard on local resources, and they need your help- for now, and when the area is being repopulated.

In 2017, Santa Rosa was ravaged by fires, and in 2018, a neighboring county experienced one of the most horrific fires in California history, wiping out a town completely.  Many of the people that are displaced right now from the current Kincade fire are barely recovered (if at all) from the Tubbs Fire in 2017. If you're able, please go to the link below where the Northern California Grantmakers have compiled a list of funds to serve those that have been most impacted by the fires:

Northern California Grantmakers

We want to thank you, as well as our amazing Firefighters, (from near and abroad) National Guard, Police, and other Emergency Personnel and volunteers.

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